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Key Advantages of Adopting Purpose-Built Care Management Software

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, the decision to either build a digital system from scratch or invest in a purpose-built care management software solution can significantly impact operational efficiency and financial resources. For healthcare providers, the key question becomes: Why should you opt for a pre-built software solution over the arduous task of developing a system from the ground up?


Time and Cost Efficiency

The straightforward answer lies in the invaluable benefits of time and cost savings. Rather than reinventing the wheel, opting for a purpose-built care management software solution eliminates the need to assemble a team of developers to construct a system from scratch. The initial investment required for developing an application can soar into hundreds of thousands of dollars – a price tag often several times higher than the cost of investing in a purpose-built software solution. With purpose-built platforms readily available for the healthcare sectors, you can sidestep the lengthy development process, saving both time and financial resources.


Streamline Deployment and Reduce Downtime

Purpose-built care management software offers a distinct advantage in terms of rapid deployment. Lumary’s VP of Strategic Growth, Jason Collins advises how healthcare providers can, “opt for pre-existing platforms over bespoke solutions to minimise downtime and disruption. It’s about enabling your organisation to operate seamlessly while reaping the organisational benefits much faster.” Unlike the prolonged timelines associated with creating a bespoke solution, pre-existing platforms allow you to implement the system with swift deployment which is particularly critical in an industry where time is of the essence and delays can have serious consequences to the bottom line. 


Peace of Mind 

Choosing purpose-built software, like Lumary’s care management software solution, not only provides peace of mind through regular expert maintenance but also allows you to access innovative tech developments that continually enhance your organisational efficiency, all while helping your organisation to maintain compliance in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Our dedicated team of developers is committed to constantly improving our software solutions to ensure that your organisation benefits from the latest advancements, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional healthcare services while we take care of the digital backbone of your operations. One notable software advancement that Lumary customers can now adopt is our NDIA Integration Module, which has proven to be a significant improvement for many organisations by reducing costly administrative duties and double handling associated with NDIA claims.


Customer Success: Concentric’s Journey

To illustrate the key benefits of Lumary’s purpose-built software, let’s delve into the success story of Concentric, a thriving multidisciplinary allied health practice and NDIS provider with over 34 locations across Australia.

Concentric is growing rapidly and after successfully implementing Lumary’s CM platform, they chose to adopt Lumary’s NDIA integration module in June 2023. Concentric CIO, Simon Baird says “Lumary’s technology has had a transformative impact on our organisational efficiency and is setting us up for future expansion of services. The integration of Lumary’s NDIA Module has not only optimised our operational framework but has also notably improved our NDIA claims processing procedures.” Lumary’s NDIA Integration Module enables data synchronisation between the NDIA (PRODA & PACE) and Lumary’s software making for a much smoother pathway when claiming funds from the NDIA.

After approximately 6 months of implementing Lumary’s NDIA Integration Module, Concentric reported a 60% reduction in NDIA claim errors. This not only translates to a substantial financial improvement but also signifies a significant decrease in the stress associated with hidden costs and the exhaustive efforts required to address unsuccessful and contested claims.

If you’ve ever dealt with NDIA claims, you know the frustration of encountering claim errors. These errors come at a high cost to organisations, and the more frequently they occur, the more the cost compounds. “We’ve frequently seen customers reporting error rates anywhere from 2% to 17% with NDIA claims. This adds significant financial strain on any organisation,” says Lumary’s VP of Strategic Growth, Jason Collins. “As an example, an organisation claiming $2 million per annum from the NDIA might find themselves investing valuable resources chasing after $340,000 per year. Despite the dedicated efforts of finance teams, numerous failed claims often result in hours of exhaustive investigations, follow-ups, and reclaim attempts. The hidden costs associated with these recovery efforts can be both crippling and immensely frustrating,” continues Collins. 

With Lumary’s purpose-built NDIS software, providers can experience peace of mind knowing that their tech solution is streamlining claim procedures, minimising errors, and seamlessly integrating while ensuring compliance with the NDIA. This allows organisations like Concentric to prioritise delivering exceptional services and supporting the needs of their clients with confidence.


The Lumary Advantage

The decision to invest in a purpose-built software solution like Lumary’s is not merely a cost-effective one; it is a strategic move that can transform the trajectory of your healthcare organisation. Lumary stands as your reliable tech partner, offering secure and efficient software solutions that align with the specific needs of the healthcare sector. Lumary’s purpose-built software not only saved Concentric valuable time and resources but also significantly enhanced their operational efficiency and financial outcomes. Connect with our team and discover the benefits of Lumary’s purpose-built software for yourself.