How can providers harness the latest tech to be sustainable?

With disability and aged care providers experiencing a number of challenges to remain sustainable, many are looking to the latest innovations to improve inefficient operational processes and profit margins. In the NDIS 2021-22 Q3 report, the NDIA reported 37,300 cancelled non-complying claims. This has affected 4,900 providers with incorrect or non-compliant payments totalling $43.5m. While […]

An empowered approach to digital transformation with Ability Options

How an all-women team successfully transitioned Ability Options to a new system and transformed the way the organisation operates and delivers care. Effectively implementing a new system across an entire organisation can be stressful. Ability Options, an NSW-based provider offering disability and employment services, has recently navigated this change and transformed the way they deliver […]

Effective change management and how it can help you digitally transform your business successfully

We all know why growth and change are important, especially for those in the healthcare sector. However, implementing change comes with many challenges, and it is critical to know precisely how to approach changes to reap the rewards. Successful change management requires a structured approach to ensure new processes are implemented thoroughly and smoothly in […]