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Supporting aged care providers with technology to better deliver
value-based care to the ageing community is what we do.

Lumary understands that globally our populations are ageing. Change is necessary to address the way in which we better support some of the most vulnerable people living in our community, the elderly. What is becoming more apparent form our ageing community is their desire to receive essential care and lifestyle services that support them to continue to live independently at home. A number of service providers are endeavouring to do this, but finding without the right technology to support their remote working environments, it’s a real challenge. That’s where Lumary is here to help.

It is our aim to support service providers to care for the elderly community to thrive in the comfort of their own home. Our healthcare platform manages all organisational needs for an aged care provider from creating agreements, accurately recording services delivered, compliantly claiming funds and processing fee for service payments. Importantly when the time comes, providers can compassionately end an agreement knowing they have offered their recipient the best way possible to live independently.

Supporting providers to claim funding for Australian services ranging from HCP, CHSP and DVA.

Empowering providers to manage and deliver Home Care
services the best way possible using innovative technology.

Supporting the aged community to continue to live independently with essential care at home and help meet their life goals is what carers do. We understand that the process and structure to claiming for Home Care Packages (HCP) can be time consuming and have high administrative demands. Delivering HCP services using our software solution supports service providers in every aspect of care management.

Using our complete healthcare platform, seamlessly manage your organisational needs in one place. With the ability to accurately establish plans, record delivered services, compliantly claim funding from the Commonwealth and generate monthly statements, delivering HCP services has never been easier.

Doing this all in one place using cloud-based and real-time technology means that carers are able to better meet the needs of the ageing community and make collaborative decisions for their at-home healthcare and lifestyle services.

Ready to revolutionise how you manage client care?