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Complete End-to-End Care Management Software for Providers

At the heart of our healthcare platform is Lumary CM. Purpose-built for the healthcare industry bringing together the best in class technology partners, streamline your workforce management, automate claiming and maintain compliance. Provide better care for your community with Lumary CM.

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Create better wellbeing through our progressive technology

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Give people more control over their healthcare through enhanced data, increased transparency and tech-enabled collaboration.

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Meet quality and safeguard standards and readily comply with requirements set out by funding bodies, including HCP, CHSP, DVA & more.

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Support your workforce with a real-time solution that streamlines admin so workers can focus on providing quality, valuebased services.

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Digitise your business processes with a cloudbased platform and cut back on costs, reduce time wastage and improve staff retention.


Lumary CM for disability

Building technology is our passion. Designing technology to empower disability service providers to deliver better care is our goal.

Our healthcare platform is designed for disability service providers to manage and deliver quality care the best way they can. With the disability industry evolving, we understand the additional support all service providers need as the NDIS progresses on its digital transformation journey.

Manage your organisational needs and meet participants’ choice of care. Be supported to do more about what you are passionate about, providing care.

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Lumary CM for aged care

Lumary CM supports providers to deliver care at home to our ageing community for Australian funded services ranging from HCP, CHSP, and DVA. We know the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance as changes arise.

Our real-time technology enhances collaborative care between client and carer engagement. Improve overall data quality management, seamlessly meet compliance, and claim fee-for-service and Commonwealth payments with ease.

Partner with us to increase organisational efficiency, and have more time to better support aged care recipients to continue to live independently at home.

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Optimise your entire business operations using one centralised, secure platform

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Our integrated technology solution provides real-time, seamless integration while improving data accuracy and saving valuable time. Built on the world’s #1 CRM Salesforce, Lumary’s platform is designed for and with disability, aged care & allied health specialists, ensuring ease of use, data automation and configurability suitable to any workflow. Access Salesforce’s world-class data security and ensure the protection of sensitive information via server authentication and data encryption.

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The Lumary Healthcare Platform

Lumary CM helps you better understand and manage the individual needs of your customer by providing transparent and streamlined data. Allow clients to request services, adjust appointment times and view information such as real-time budget balances, invoice history, client statements and more with Lumary CM. All of this empowers clients with the information they’re looking for in making better informed decisions about their care.

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By delivering transparent and streamlined data, Lumary CM empowers you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customer
Gain deeper insights into and adeptly oversee the distinct needs of your customers with Lumary CM, as it offers transparent and streamlined data.

Accelerate client case and task management

With Lumary CM, staff can access and record data in real-time, eliminating time wasted on unnecessary double data entry while maintaining compliance. Create workflow alerts that notify staff and assign tasks to anyone in the organisation to ensure nothing is missed. Enable greater collaboration between teams as everyone has the same up to date information at their fingertips.

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Schedule and deliver care in real-time

Easily manage your workforce with Lumary, which utilises its own scheduling and rostering tools but also integrates with software like Skedulo and easyemployer, so that no matter which system you use, your staff can see their roster all in one place. Importantly, your staff can also access the application from a mobile device at anytime.

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Lumary CM facilitates an improved grasp and adept management of individual customer needs, achieved through the seamless availability of transparent and streamlined data.
Enhance your comprehension and effective handling of customer-specific requirements with Lumary CM

Track and achieve client goals and outcomes

Transparently and visibly track a client’s care program and progress towards achieving their care and lifestyle goals and objectives. Increase collaboration through multiple communication channels and support person-centered care using Lumary’s secure client engagement portal.

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Improve data visibility with an intuitive analytics dashboard

Lumary CM helps you better understand and manage the individual needs of your customer by providing transparent and streamlined data. Allow clients to request services, adjust appointment times and view information such as real-time budget balances, invoice history, client statements and more with Lumary CM. All of this empowers clients with the information they’re looking for in making betterinformed decisions about their care.

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Lumary CM empowers a more profound understanding and efficient management of your customer
Leveraging Lumary CM, personnel can instantly access and document data.

Reduce admin burden and save valuable employee time

Using paper-based notes, multiple spreadsheets or standalone apps that don’t connect makes it challenging to have a complete overview of your healthcare business. Lumary CM supports providers to manage their entire organisation and workforce using one cloud-based solution with a single source of truth. By leveraging the power of technology, you can simplify complex business processes, cut back on costs and facilitate value-based service.

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More features of the Lumary healthcare platform

Automated enquiries, referrals & intake

Real-time reporting & dashboards

NDIA API integration

Client case & task management

Remote & mobile accessibility

Interoperability to streamline workforce

Goals & outcomes Tracking

Alert notifications & incident reporting

Online resources & customer support

Automated billing & finance

Data security & Cloud-based server

Mobile application for support workers


Empowering the mobile workforce

We know the importance of remaining online and staying connected while delivering care. Providers of essential care services are increasingly looking for technology that will support their mobile workforce. Delivering care at home or remotely has never been easier using the Lumary CM healthcare platform and our mobile applications

Utilizing Lumary CM, staff can immediately retrieve and input data in a real-time fashion.
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Lumary CM is designed to connect you with your support workers no matter their location. With our integrated real-time feature, your staff will be able to schedule appointments transparently, record case notes accurately, and document services as they are delivered.


The Lumary CM mobile applications work for both Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS operating systems so your workforce can use their own devices and deliver care safely and compliantly.


With integration of Google Maps, our mobile applications allow you to track and record the travel and care delivery of your support workers. Have better insight into your team’s movements as they travel from participant to participant.

With Lumary CM at your disposal, staff can seamlessly access and update data in real-time.

Scalable healthcare platform to create better wellbeing

With the evolving nature of the healthcare industry, Lumary recognises the importance of addressing regulatory changes as they arise. Lumary leads with compliance. Have greater choice and control for your entire organisation and create a connected compliant business by configuring the Lumary healthcare platform to meet your existing workflow and organisation’s needs.

Get the best of overall support from the Lumary team in a timely and efficient manner. Receive product support and industry information at your fingertips with online access to the user-friendly 24/7 Help Centre


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