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All-in-One Software Transforming Allied Health Providers

Revolutionising how providers operate, optimise and differentiate their practices is what Lumary does best!

Lumary AH, the NEWEST care management software on the block, is designed for the growing allied health professional on a mission to optimise their practice and deliver more outcome based-care.

Setting a new industry standard in practice management software, Lumary AH is cloud-based and purpose-built for the allied health industry. Designed with allied health therapists, providers can now effectively operationalise their business and support the entire client journey from start to finish.

Unlock the full potential of your practice with Lumary AH - the only intuitive, allied health software you’ll ever need.

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the Lumary AH, Allied Health dashboard

Run your entire allied health practice in one place

a blue circle with a clock and a calendar icon


Easily manage waitlists and schedule appointments efficiently in one place.

a blue circle with a check mark and a dollar sign


Effortlessly invoice with HICAPS and compliantly claim from the NDIS and Medicare.

a blue circle with a graph bar and a line graph


Track your performance and make informed decisions about your entire practice.

a blue circle with a magnifying icon of a monitor


Efficiently set client goals and share meaningful insights about their care outcomes.

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Streamline your referral and intake process through intelligent task automation.

Say goodbye to payment hassles and hello to seamless transactions

Lumary has partnered with Medipass to give you a seamless payment experience that simple, efficient and transparent.

Simplify your billing process with Lumary’s integrated payment solutions which offers a convenient one-stop shop for all your invoicing, claiming, and payment needs. Say goodbye to complicated payment procedures and experience a new level of simplicity with Lumary.

Lumary AH, Allied Health Medipass features
Salesforce Partner Badge

The most secure way to optimise care management

Salesforce Partner Badge

Partnered with the world’s #1 CRM Salesforce, Lumary’s in-house industry experts and specialist tech engineers have delivered one powerful, intelligent tool for allied health providers.

With access to Salesforce’s world-class data security, give your team peace-of-mind knowing that your data and clients’ is safe and secure.

the Lumary AH, Allied Health my day view

Lumary AH, end-to-end software you’ve been waiting for

Lumary AH is designed for the growing allied health professional on a mission to optimise their practice and deliver more outcome based-care.

With Lumary AH, streamline business processes, increase efficiency, and improve outcomes for clients. With specialised features tailored to suit the unique needs of allied health organisations, providers can work more efficiently, reduce errors, and provide quality outcome-based care.

Gain valuable insights into your entire operations and the client journey and provider optimal support every step of the way!

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Say goodbye to chaotic waitlists

Take the stress out of managing client waitlists! Stay ahead of demand with easy-to-use onboarding, appointment booking and client forecasting features. Begin the service delivery journey with an exceptional experience to make clients feel valued from the start.

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the Lumary AH, Allied Health waitlisting screen
the Lumary AH, Allied Health invoicing dashboard

Spend more time with clients, less time on paperwork

Harness the power of Lumary AH to transform service delivery. Optimise team performance, speed up invoicing processes, claim faster - all whilst remaining compliant with funding bodies and insurance companies. With just a few clicks, quickly claim from the NDIS and Medicare - easing the burden of client billing!

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Powerful reporting that you’ve never seen before

With analytical dashboards for all your operational needs, gain insights into clients and therapists to make smarter, data-driven decisions. Monitor current funds with ease while forecasting future revenue so you never miss a step on the path to building a better business!

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the Lumary AH, Allied Health dashboard
the Lumary AH, Allied Health goals and services screen

The perfect client goal tracker

With an intuitive client profile view, have the power to take client care to a whole new level! Real-time access allows therapists to make informed decisions in order to provide tailored services - while monitoring and evaluating session outcomes can help ensure clients are achieving their desired goals more efficiently than ever before.

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The easier way to onboard new clients

Goodbye bottlenecks and manual data entry - hello fast onboarding! Lumary AH’s web-based enquiry process turbocharges the entire customer journey - speeding up the time it takes to convert referrals into happy customers. Streamline operationally right from the start through smart digitisation.

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Lumary AH, Allied Health referral intake screen

A tech partner that cares for you and your clients

We ‘re here to help you transform care delivery! From onboarding to your go-live, we’re with you every step of the way.

Get the best of comprehensive guidance and assistance from Lumary. Rely on us for your tech compliance needs, as we'll make sure you're always up-to-date with updated NDIS requirements. Benefit from our user friendly 24/7 Help Centre and get access to industry insights quickly within our in-app feedback system - support when it's most convenient!


The Lumary AH software introduces a more enduring approach to providing care within the Allied Health sector.

Endless features to boost your entire operations

Enhanced Waitlist Management

Easy-to-use Appointment Scheduling

Resource & Workflow Management

Efficient Lead Capture & Enquiry

Streamlined Onboarding Processes

Smart Service Planning Tools

Clinician-Specific Dashboards

Advanced Client Dashboards

Integrated Invoicing & Claiming

Tailorable Intuitive Workflows

Real-time client capture

Data security and cloud-based server

the Lumary AH, Allied Health software delivers a more sustainable way to deliver care

Ready to take control of your allied health practice?

Get in touch today!

Our team is waiting to hear from you and to find out how we can help your practice run more efficiently and support you in delivering more person-centred care.

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You’re in great company with Lumary!

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