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Leveraging the Salesforce Platform to Build Leading Care Management Software


When seeking to partner with a healthcare technology provider, it’s important to understand the functionality of the base software platform you’re investing in. 

At Lumary we believe that it is better to use existing technology rather than build something new. That’s why we partnered with Salesforcethe world’s leading customer relations management (CRM) platform. As the leading Salesforce independent software vendor in the Asia Pacific region, Lumary leverages all the best that the Platform as a Service (PaaS) company has to offer. 

But what value does a PaaS platform bring to a tech provider and how can the healthcare sector be empowered by this?

The answer is pretty simplewith a one stop shop tech solution, service providers have all the benefits of:

  • Data security
  • Application interoperability 
  • Scalability in configuration tools
  • Easy to develop workflow management


Data security

Security is an important part of any software. In the aged care and disability industries, there are strict regulations about data storage and privacy due to patient confidentiality. As a Salesforce partner, we can ensure that your data is secure but also that you own all your data. In an industry where confidentiality is crucial, it is vital to have software that can provide digital protection for you and all individuals being supported. 


Application interoperability

Being interoperable means that your data and software can exchange and use the information efficiently without the need of having to hire expert coders.

With Salesforce AppExchange and open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), Lumary’s care management platform brings together the software applications to meet the needs of any healthcare organisation. Instead of trying to develop the best standalone solution for every possible problem, we rely on seamless integration with other applications excelling in their areas of expertise, such as Xero for finance management. 


Scalability in configuration tools

Having configurable tools in software allows for a platform to be tailored to your specific needs. 

Salesforce’s easy to configure platform means that Lumary applications have the flexibility to adapt at the click of a button. Lumary has in-house Salesforce experts to make the changes you need to enhance your workflow. With Lumary, service providers see the immediate benefits from the responsive customer success team and receive both Salesforce system and Lumary product upgrades. 


Easy to develop workflow management

In a sector where we value high-quality care, we partnered with the Salesforce platform to give users an easy to use digital solution. It allows the Lumary applications to be as simple to use as the websites you click through every day. You can log in from anywhere, and view and update data on individuals being supported from wherever you want. Thanks to its cloud-based platform, users benefit from real-time data empowering your workforce with a collaborative workflow management system.

Your tech solutions shouldn’t be causing more issues than it solves and it shouldn’t require a whole new department of engineers to have software that improves your business day-to-day. Technology should be making everything easier, and that’s why you should be looking for not just the perfect software but the perfect partner.

It might just be the right time to recharge the way you deliver care through technology. Request a demo today.