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Paralympian ‘Superfish’ Izzy Vincent Empowers Students With Disabilities At Lumary City-Bay Fun Run

Izzy Vincent, a Paralympian medalist from South Australia, has confirmed that she’ll be firing the starting gun for the Lumary City-Bay Fun Run on 12 September 2023. She’ll also be joining the 12km race to raise funds for young people with disabilities with her new initiative SWIPS (SPORTS WHEELCHAIRS IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS). 

As Lumary’s ambassador, Vincent shared her excitement for the September event. “It’s an iconic event for Adelaide, and a fantastic platform for everyone to join in and try something different,” she expressed. Over the years, Izzy has embraced the Lumary City-Bay Fun Run, an event she completes in approximately one hour and describes as a “fun day”.

Izzy Vincent at the Lumary City-Bay Firing the starting gun at the 12km mark.

Meet Izzy, the Youngest Medallist in Australian Paralympic History

The Tokyo 2021 Games saw Vincent, then 15, become one of the youngest medallists in Australian Paralympic history, bagging a silver and a bronze. Born with sacral agenesis, where the spine stops above the sacrum, Izzy proves that determination and courage can override physical limitations. Read more about Izzy Vincent’s incredible journey as Australia’s youngest Paralympic medallist in our blog ‘Meet Izzy the ‘Superfish”.

Now a 17-year-old student at Pembroke, Izzy is set on motivating others with disabilities to engage in sports via her new initiative, SWiPS (Sports Wheelchairs in Primary Schools). “The aim is to increase inclusivity in school sports, something that I struggled with when I was younger,” she explained.

Izzy Vincent with the Australian Paralympics swimming team at the 2021 Tokyo Paralympic games

The Lumary City-Bay Fun Run: A Drive for Change

This year’s City-Bay Fun Run has a fundraising target of $500,000, with up to 40,000 people expected to run or walk the 3km, 6km, 12km courses, and the 21.1km half marathon. Businesses, organisations and the Adelaide public are invited to form teams and take part in the 49th annual event, scheduled for 17 September.
Register now at city-bay.org.au.

Izzy Vincent and the Lumary team at the Lumary City-Bay Launch event

Izzy’s Initiative: SWiPS (Sports Wheelchairs In Primary Schools)

This year, amongst many incredible charities that are supported during the fun run, Lumary is proud to spotlight Izzy’s initiative, “SWiPS”, aiming to provide wheelchairs to primary schools across South Australia. Through SWiPS, Izzy intends to promote inclusivity and awareness in para-sports, empowering students with disabilities to participate in school sporting activities actively. Izzy, with Lumary’s support, will utilise the City-Bay event to raise funds for “SWiPS”, hoping to make a big difference in the lives of young people with disabilities passionate about sports.

Izzy Vincent training in a sports wheelchair on an athletics track. Logo os SWIPS (Sports Wheelchairs In Primary Schools) in the bottom right hand corner

Lumary: A Proud Supporter of Izzy and Inclusivity

Isabella Vincent represents Lumary’s brand and embodies important qualities like perseverance, working hard, and making sure everyone feels included. Lumary is proud to back Izzy and firmly believes in the game-changing power of sports. For this year’s City-Bay Fun Run, Izzy and Lumary join forces to help others in need. Become part of Izzy’s team by participating in the Fun Run and raising funds for this important cause, or you can support SWiPS by making a donation.

This year the Lumary City-Bay Fun Run promises to be more than a race. It’s all about including everyone, staying healthy, and celebrating the unstoppable spirit of athletes like Izzy! It’s about creating a place where everyone, no matter how their physical abilities, can do well and have a chance to succeed. So, it’s time to warm up those bodies and get ready to ‘Choose YourRace, Set Your Pace and Make It Count’ at the Lumary City-Bay Fun Run on Sunday 17 September 2023!

Find out how to support SWiPS. 

Register to race in the Lumary City-Bay Fun Run.