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3 Ways to Future Proof Your Allied Health Business

Getting a clear picture of your current and future state is crucial to building a financially stable and profitable business. The right digital software makes this possible.

Building a business that will withstand the pressures of the allied health industry is becoming increasingly challenging. Lengthy waitlists, diminishing operating margins, time-consuming admin, and a bunch of systems that don’t work with each other can make it all feel like an uphill battle.

So how can you tackle these problems that are hurting your bottom line? With allied health software like Lumary AH, you can streamline your admin and business processes and gain greater insight into operational needs so that you can optimise your entire allied health practice and deliver more value-based care.

Here are three ways that allied health providers can use Lumary AH to build a highly profitable business.


1. Unlock the Power of Industry-Specific Functionality

Are you tired of using generic software that doesn’t fit your needs? Software that isn’t tailored to meet the demands of your allied health practice can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and non-compliance. Lumary AH is here to make it a whole lot easier! As a care management solution that’s specifically designed for allied health providers like you, it helps you run your business smoothly and support your clients across the whole client journey.

Lumary AH gives you access to client information all in one place so you can deliver point-of-care diagnostics quickly, reliably, and in compliance with regulations. Not only does this mean better clinical outcomes for your clients, but it makes it super easy to manage the entire process of delivering and billing for funded services – no need for multiple software systems, it’s all streamlined!


2. Predict the Future

Streamlining the delivery and billing of your services is a great start, but the key to building a financially stable business is being able to look ahead. Think about how much more effectively you could plan for the future if you could see the current state of your whole business and forecast future revenue all in one spot!

With Lumary AH, you get access to real-time reporting and a range of personalised dashboards for Clients, Clinicians, Goal Tracking, Review Alerts and more. How can this help? Reduced therapist non-appointment time, profitability tracking of therapists and service locations, and revenue monitoring and forecasting for planned and completed appointments – just to name a few. No more guessing! You’ll have all the insights at your fingertips to make informed decisions.


3. Maximise Revenue

With high demand for allied health services, waitlists continue to grow. How can you make sure you don’t lose out on these prospective customers that you’ve spent time, energy, and money to attract?

Imagine if you had an integrated waitlist management tool complete with automated workflows and dashboards that could be used to monitor the number of clients waitlisted at a glance, including their preferences and the amount of time they have been waitlisted for. With Lumary AH, you can streamline your waitlist management without the manual overhead or reporting nightmares.

The result? Less admin, less churn and greater utilisation of therapists with waitlisted clients. This supports critical decision making for service resourcing allocation and allows you to identify opportunities to expand your services and reach new clients thanks to revenue forecasting.


Future Proof Your Allied Health Business

Running a sustainable allied health business can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be. With industry-specific functionality, real-time reporting, and automated workflows, you can make your business more efficient, profitable, and sustainable for the long-term.

With Lumary AH, allied health providers can spend less time on manual or inefficient processes and more time on what really matters – delivering great quality care. If you’re looking to learn more about how we’re making it easier for providers to manage their businesses and stay competitive in the current landscape, get in touch today.