Who we are

Lumary is a Healthcare Platform provider and Technology Service Partner for digital transformation, integration, and success. We are a customer-centric care management system powered by the world’s number 1 SaaS platform Salesforce. Our platform incorporates best-in-class technology systems under a single commercial and managed integration model.


Our people care and know how to make things work. We draw on a wide range of experience across healthcare and technology. We understand what providers need to help them provide support in our communities because we have worked and walked in their shoes. We invest our time into building great products that give our clients more time to enrich the experience of people receiving care.


Lumary’s headquarters are located in Adelaide, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and San Francisco

Joseph Mercorella

Joseph is the CEO and Cofounder of Lumary, where he leads the company in delivering a multi-purpose technology platform that services the disability and aged care sectors. Joseph has been passionate about building a product, team and culture that is focused on putting the customer first, which ensures the most positive social impact possible. His focus remains on the development and ongoing strategic direction of the company, whilst pushing the boundaries in what technology and his team can achieve for this sector.

Matthew English

Matthew has over 15 years in the IT industry, where he has spent most of his time developing significant solutions for the health care sector. As CTO of Lumary, Matthew’s focus is on finding simple technology solutions that will help transform businesses and assist them in navigating the complex environment of the current NDIS.

Our Evolution | 2009 to Present

Since 2009, Lumary have been pioneering digital solutions in the Disability and Aged Care sectors in Australia. Headquartered in Adelaide, Lumary has worked tirelessly to meet and exceed our clients needs under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as we quality of client care but to evolve disability and aged care services as we know it. While we’ve used our expertise to develop a solution for our regional context, we continue to kept a keen eye on potential broader global applications. We believe that communities around the world deserve to benefit from improved standards of care.