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Maintain Compliance

With the Lumary platform, you can effortlessly meet the constantly changing requirements set out by funding bodies and always be compliance ready.

For more than five years, we’ve proudly supported Australia’s top disability and aged care providers to digitally transform and optimise their operational effectiveness, build a connected workforce and deliver a truly customer-centric experience.

How Lumary helps providers maintain compliance

  • Industry-specific software: Our industry experts ensure that regulatory compliance and change considerations are always factored into the product roadmap
  • Auto-updated pricing: Government-driven pricing changes, such as NDIS and HCP, are quickly managed and updated
  • Connected compliance: Evidence-based workflows and consolidated data for entire client lifecycle
    • Case notes link to clients’ records, goals and outcomes
    • Services delivered are directly attributed to Service Agreements / Care Plans
    • Key support documents are linked to clients’ record, with proactive system notifications for expiry or review dates
    • Manage consumer consent relating to sharing and using personal information
  • Detailed reporting: Reporting designed to meet the specific requirements of the various funding streams, such as DEX for CHSP, is incorporated into the solution
  • Reduced risk: Minimise the risk of incurring breach notices, leading to a decrease in the associated penalties and cost of compliance

Ability Options

Every July when there was an NDIA price increase, it took a team of 6 people up to 6 weeks to get all of the line items updated with the new prices. This was obviously incredibly inefficient. Having the Lumary system designed and configured to support and deliver the line items gives us valuable time back and improves efficiency across our teams.

Helen Conway
Project Manager
Ability Options

It’s time to change outdated systems

If your business is not operating as smoothly as it should, take a look at how well integrated it actually is. Recording information using paper based notes, multiple spreadsheets or standalone software that’s not speaking to each other makes it difficult to have a complete overview of your organisation.

It’s time to digitally transform. Empower your workforce with the right tools to provide value-based care whilst maintaining compliance against the evolving NDIS framework. Lumary’s NDIS care management software is cloud-based which supports you to manage your data in real-time, allows multiple systems to integrate giving you a single source of truth. With information available at your fingertips, manage and deliver care from anywhere.

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Empowered people
means better outcomes

Our innovative NDIS care management software will help you improve the relationship between your workforce and your clients to deliver value-based care. With your data available on one secure, cloud-based platform, you will spend less time on admin tasks so you can focus on what’s most important. And with Lumary as your partner, you can scale your organisation and create better outcomes for people receiving care.

We’re more than just a tech provider, we’re your tech partner.

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Strong partnerships and shared visions

We really needed
something much more
than just a tech supplier

Lorna Worthington
Chief of Business Strategy and Transformation
New Horizons

Meet our customers

Lumary is proudly supporting over 200 Australian disability providers via our NDIS purpose-built care management platform.

Simplify your care management

From funding to compliance, care delivery is constantly changing. As people seek more choice and control in their care, providers need to evolve. Now is the time to reassess what you need to prepare your business for digital transformation.

Do things simpler. Choose an integrated technology solution that supports you to achieve a digitally connected business. With Lumary as your tech partner, you can empower your workforce, grow your organisation and streamline the way you deliver care.

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Optimise your organisation with digital integration

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Improved Employee Experience

Empower your workforce and increase collaboration with accessible and accurate information in real-time from any device, anywhere.

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Maintain Compliance

Meet quality and safeguard standards and reduce your admin required by funding bodies, including NDIS, HCP, CHSP, DSS & more.

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Customer choice and control

Increase data transparency and improve communication to support people-centred care and create better outcomes for the community.

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Workforce management

Simplify care management for your workforce with an integrated, cloud-based solution that empowers your entire organisation.

Features of the Lumary care management software

Automated enquiries, referrals & intake

Real-time reporting & dashboards

NDIA API integration

Client case & task management

Remote & mobile accessibility

Interoperability to streamline workforce

Goals & outcomes Tracking

Alert notifications & incident reporting

Online resources & customer support

Automated billing & finance

Data security & Cloud-based server

Mobile application for support workers

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At Lumary, we want to empower your business as you navigate the disability and aged care sectors. Whether you’re considering a partnership with Lumary, a current customer, or want to know more about who we are; we want to hear from you.

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