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Better Wellbeing
Through Technology

Lumary is a healthtech company developing a global healthcare platform for the disability and senior care industries. With our technology solution, Lumary aims to empower and help treatment providers and carers to deliver value-based care for their communities.

Why partner with Lumary

Lumary understands the complex technology and care requirements for the healthcare industry and how it’s evolving. We bring together best-of-breed software applications, industry experts, and world-class developers to improve connectivity and interoperability between operational and clinical processes. The result is increased visibility and control within your therapy practice.

Together we’ll support your success and growth as we change the future of healthcare. Partnered with Salesforce™, our software applications are designed and developed in the world’s leading secure CRM cloud platform. Lumary is proud to be one of Salesforce’s leading independent software vendors in the Asia Pacific Region.

Lumary for behavioral
health clinicians

An average of 1 in 160 children worldwide live with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), but in the U.S. it’s as high as 1 in 54. As an autism treatment provider, you do what you do because you care, but when you’re spending hours dealing with complex processes like funding access, program management and creating personalized care plans, you’re left with less time to focus on what really matters – your clients.

Lumary is here to change the way practices, therapists and clinicians support people living with autism. Today’s world may be complicated, but with Lumary, managing your therapy practice doesn’t have to be. Our technology solutions integrate many of the processes surrounding care delivery.

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Introducing a new model of care with the client at its heart

The Lumary Solution

  • Advanced, cloud-based systems, updated regularly.
  • Easy sharing of client data between vendors and platforms.
  • 99.99% uptime thanks to Salesforce-based platform.
  • Multiple tools integrated into a single dashboard.
  • Fully configurable with multiple options to choose from.

Current Industry Issues

  • Out of date, legacy systems that don’t work with current technology.
  • Data silos where client data access is limited by vendors.
  • Lack of reliability due to excessive downtime.
  • Limited interoperability with multiple logins needed.
  • Inflexibility & lack of choice over features and functionality.


Better manage your
therapy practice

Lumary helps you run your practice smoothly so you can focus on improving your programs and supporting your therapists. With one single dashboard, you can manage everything from intake to authorizations to billing and scheduling.

Our technology is built on Salesforce, enabling customizable reports, dashboards, analytics, and personalized care plans for better management and forecasting of your operational clinical processes.

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We’re simplifying the therapy process through our technology solutions developed on the world’s leading CRM platform, Salesforce™


Improve client relations by empowering them with data ownership and supporting therapies with timely and accurate information.


Our software is built on Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM and secure cloud-based platform.


Increase workforce management with an intelligent, cost-effective scheduling system between organization and community settings.


Support person-centered care with improved data sharing between your operation and clinical processes.


Better support for autism
therapy services

We streamline many of the complex processes involved in providing autism therapy services so you can be more effective in your work. We simplify the process of documenting assessments, delivering assessments to plans, matching clients with therapists, data collection, data analysis, and more. When you’re spending less time on administrative tasks, you have more time to spend doing the work that really matters - supporting your clients.

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Lumary is proud to be impacting the global disability community with better wellbeing


Disability funding managed by Lumary


Users supported by Lumary to deliver quality care


Disability customers cared for via the Lumary platform


Disability claims processed through Lumary

Empowering autism treatment providers to make a meaningful difference for those we care for

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