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Advanced ABA practice management software for behavioral health services

Lumary is a global healthcare platform with a complete end-to-end practice management solution, purpose-built for autism therapy providers in the US. Designed and developed by industry experts and tech engineers, Lumary integrates with specialist applications to create one digital solution that enables ABA providers to manage their entire therapy practice.

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Why partner with Lumary

Lumary understands the complex technology and care requirements for the healthcare industry and how it’s evolving. We bring together provider-inspired software applications, industry experts, and world-class developers to improve workflows and interoperability between operational and clinical processes. The result is increased visibility and control within your therapy practice optimizing your connected compliant business.

Together we’ll support your success and growth as we change the future of healthcare. Partnered with Salesforce, our software applications are designed and developed on the world’s leading secure CRM cloud platform. Lumary is proud to be a leading Salesforce Partner in Australia and the US.

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Lumary ABA for behavioral health clinicians

Lumary ABA for behavioral
health clinicians

An average of 1 in 160 children worldwide live with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), but in the U.S. it’s as high as 1 in 54. The number of certified BCBAs, BCaBAs and RBTs is increasing annually to support the growing demands from behavior technicians.

As behavior analysts, we understand you do what you do because you care. But when you’re spending hours dealing with complex processes like funding access, program management and creating personalized care plans, you’re left with less time to focus on what really matters – your clients.

Lumary ABA is here to change the way practices, therapists and clinicians support people living with autism. Our technology solutions integrate and automate many of the processes surrounding care delivery for Applied Behavior Analysis.

Today’s world may be complicated, but with Lumary ABA, managing your therapy practice doesn’t have to be!

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Empowering ABA providers using a new model of outcomes-based care,
with the client at heart

Challenges ABA providers face

  • Out of date, legacy systems that don’t work with current technology creating operational inefficiencies
  • Data silos where client data is limited by outdated technology, reducing outcomes-based client care
  • Lack of reliability due to excessive downtime and inaccurate documentation of client and employee records
  • Limited interoperability with multiple logins needed, increasing data duplication across various systems
  • Inflexibility and lack of choice in system features, functionality and customization

The Lumary ABA Solution

  • Ability to integrate existing software systems with the Lumary ABA platform and customizable to improve workflows
  • HIPAA compliant, ensuring secure sharing of client data between vendors and the Lumary ABA platform
  • 99.999% uptime via an advanced, cloud based system to optimize your entire therapy practice
  • User friendly and customizable reporting across entire data sets, with an intuitive analytics dashboard
  • Scalable platform that supports industry evolution, with user collaboration for feature enhancement


Optimize your therapy practice operations

Lumary ABA helps you run your therapy practice smoothly so you can focus on improving your programs and supporting your employees. With complete end-to-end ABA practice management software, you can manage your entire practice needs. From intake to authorizations, scheduling to billing, streamline your admin tasks through automation.

Built on Salesforce, our solution enables you to customize reports and dashboards, track analytics, and create personalized care plans for better management and forecasting of your operational and clinical processes.

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Lumary ABA: Empowering Behavioral Health Clinicians

We’re streamlining the therapy process through innovative technology solutions developed on the world’s leading CRM platform, Salesforce™

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Improve client relations by empowering them with data ownership and supporting therapies with timely and accurate information.



Access Salesforce’s world class data security and ensure the protection of sensitive information using Lumary’s secure and HIPPA compliant, cloud-based platform.

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Digitize your business processes with a cloud-based, integrated platform and reduce non-billable hours, while centralizing intake, scheduling and clinical operations in one place.

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Give providers more insight into the health outcomes of their clients through enhanced data, increased transparency and tech-enabled collaboration for agency-based or in-home care.

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Better support for autism
therapy services

Lumary ABA automates many of the complex processes involved in providing autism therapy services so you can be more effective in your work. By streamlining the process of intake, matching clients with therapists, assessments, data collection, data analysis and more, you’ll spend less time on administrative tasks and have more time to spend doing what really matters - creating better outcomes for your clients.

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Lumary is proud to be impacting the global disability community with better wellbeing


Disability funding managed by Lumary


Users supported by Lumary to deliver quality care


Disability customers cared for via the Lumary platform


Disability claims processed through Lumary

Empowering ABA providers to create better wellbeing through technology

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