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Complete End-to-End, ABA Practice Management Software

At the core of our healthcare platform is Lumary CM. Purpose-built for and with ABA providers, our intuitive technology solution will streamline your admin workload and optimize your practice management. Improve clinician experience and empower your clinicians to deliver exceptional outcome-based care.

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Create better wellbeing through our progressive technology


Have greater insights to deliver flexible, outcomes-based care through enhanced data, increased transparency and tech-enabled collaboration for clinician based or in-home care.


Improve visibility of employee data. Track certifications with alert notifications for expiration dates, and track funding sources for payor accreditation credentialing with ease.


Support your clinicians with a real-time solution that reduces ABA admin challenges and save your employees’ valuable time to focus on providing quality, outcomes-based care.


Digitize your business processes with a cloud-based, integrated platform and reduce non-billable hours, centralize intake, scheduling and clinical operations in one place.

Empowered clinicians means better outcome-based care

We understand the time pressures and administrative challenges that applied behavioral programs analysts face daily. Lumary CM is designed to support the ever growing demands of Applied Behavioral Analysis providers. From navigating compliance and retaining specialist employees to documenting evidence-based care programs for auditing purposes, data accuracy and visibility is essential.

Stay competitive, enable growth and digitally transform with Lumary.

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A strong Salesforce foundation to develop a scalable healthcare platform

Built on the world’s #1 CRM Salesforce, Lumary’s platform is designed with clinician expertise, ensuring ease of use, data automation and configurability suitable to any work style. Through Lumary’s cloud-based solution, access Salesforce’s world class data security and ensure the protection of sensitive information via server authentication and data encryption.

Our integrated technology solution provides real-time, seamless integration, while improving data accuracy and saving valuable time. With employee and client safety front-of-mind, stay compliant by tracking BCBA certifications. Easily monitor, report and track BCBA Supervision.

Accelerate client intake and payable services

Make client in-takes faster and offer your clients a complete care program from the get-go! Streamline intake through automation and manage client Authorization. Empower your employees to establish flexible care progams and create better outcomes for your clients.

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Reduce admin burden and save valuable employee time

Improve profitability with an accurate billing process from a delivered service to a validated claim via the Clearing House. With workflow automation reduce time reviewing and resolving claims and duplication of charges. Bring together your ABA practice management and clinical operations with an integrated system giving you a single source of truth. With information available at your fingertips, manage and deliver care from anywhere.

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Book and deliver appointments in-real time

Simplify workforce management module with the Lumary Sessions Calendar. Using automation, accurately match your client to the clinicians on your team, knowing they are specialized for their care delivery and authorized by their unique payor to provide it.

Save time on workforce administration, and manage employees time and availability with real-time calendar functionality. Book client appointments with ease and have the flexibility to schedule the service to best accommodate your client and family’s needs to ensure they have access to the right care.

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Improve data visibility with an intuitive analytics dashboard

It's essential for ABA providers to make data driven decisions to ensure the best possible outcomes for their clients. Confidently support highly flexible and versatile programs for applied behavior analysts. With complete end-to-end practice management software, clinicians can export reports, create customized dashboards,and have certainty knowing all of your data and information is accurate and accessible in one place.

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More features of the Lumary healthcare platform

Flexible Client Authorization Management

Complete Employee Management

Collaborative Dashboard Reporting

Maintain Compliance & Audit Reporting

Employee Credential & Certification Tracking

Efficient Appointment Scheduling

Customize Payor Credentialing

Compliant Supervision Tracking

Automate Claiming & Invoicing

Track & Centralize Payment Processing

Optimize Billing & Payor Tracking

Clearing House Integration

Create Better Wellbeing

At Lumary we know the importance of delivering quality, respectful care. Bringing together experienced ABA speciallists and first-class tech-engineers we’ve developed an intuitive software solution that empowers ABA providers to make a meaningful difference to the community. Reach out to Lumary today and discover how together we’ll create better wellbeing through technology.

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