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Who We Are

Lumary is a health tech company delivering progressive ABA practice management software solutions that empowers Applied Behavior Analysis providers to deliver quality outcomes-based care. We empower health and wellbeing organizations to provide better care for their communities. We do this by creating simple innovative technology solutions and offering support and consultations, which enriches the lives of those needing care.

Lumary’s headquarters are based in Adelaide, South Australia. Our US offices are located in Denver, Colorado.


Enabling ABA providers to facilitate better outcomes using data and technology

Our people care and know how to make things work. We draw on a wide range of experience across healthcare and technology. Our learnings and deep understanding of the global healthcare sector have propelled us to develop an advanced, intuitive ABA practice management software solution for ABA clinicians in the US.

Powered by the world’ #1 CRM Salesforce, Lumary’s platform incorporates best-in-class technology systems under a single commercial and managed integration model. For the last four years, Lumary has supported disability and aged care providers in Australia to digitally transform and create digitally connected organizations.

Our Founders


Chief Executive Officer

Joseph is the CEO and cofounder of Lumary, where he leads the company in delivering a multi-purpose technology platform that services healthcare sectors globally.

Joseph’s personal mission, and one which is driven throughout Lumary, is to support and make a difference in the community they serve. The important driver behind the success of Lumary, with Joseph’s lead, is to leave a legacy that truly and positively impacts global healthcare markets though the development of progressive technology.


Chief Technology Officer

Matthew is the CTO and cofounder of Lumary, where he assists healthcare organizations in finding simple, intuitive technology solutions in often otherwise complex environments.

Matthew’s key focus is on the continual expansion of the Lumary healthcare platform. Developing Lumary’s innovative software that will support global healthcare organizations to streamline operational processes, efficiently manage compliance, and at the core empower caregivers to deliver better, outcomes-based care.

Meet our US team


Chief Product, Research & Innovation Officer


Vice President, US Commercial Lead


ABA Industry Specialist


Business Development Representative

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Founded on a simple principle – with Lumary’s progressive technology care providers can be supported to deliver the best possible services to the people who need them most. With this in mind, our team set out to redefine how ABA therapy practices operate in the US. Working closely with clinicians across the country, we developed a fully customizable digital solution based on the workflows, needs, and client outcomes for Applied Behavior Analysis providers.

Our in-house certified BCBAs and experienced tech engineers have worked closely with countless clinicians, establishing an advisory board of ABA agencies to develop our intuitive ABA practice management software platform. Connect with Lumary today and discover how together through technology we’ll create better wellbeing for the community.


This is Lumary

To create the best solutions, we invest in bringing together top software engineers and industry specialists who genuinely care about making a difference.

Better wellbeing for our community

Creating software solutions that ultimately benefit the community is at the heart of what we do. We recognize that we are privileged with our offerings and can always do and learn more from our customers, their clients and the community. It is our plan to continue to invest in technology, data and expertise to positively impact the global healthcare market whilst at the same time philanthropically empowering local communities.

Lumary Values

Our core values are everything to us - how we think, act and lead.

No limits

We challenge the status quo, solve problems, strive for innovation in everything we do and over-deliver on value every time.

Better together

We are at our best when we work collaboratively. We value diversity and drive connection by being open to ideas, respectful, inclusive, caring and supportive of all team members.

Always growing

We are constantly expanding our skills and mindset through learning. We build on our knowledge for both personal and professional growth.

Own it

We take pride in what we do, are accountable, proactive, and care about the impact our work has on others individually and as a team.

Whole hearted

We cultivate and connect with the deep belief that what we’re doing is making the world a better place. We do this by creating real relationships with our customers and contributing positively to our community.

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