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Top Tips On How to Give Your NDIS Clients More Choice and Control

The NDIS has placed significant importance on enabling greater choice and control for participants in accessing their supports.

NDIS participants themselves are setting higher standards for the care and services they wish to receive, how it is delivered, and by whom. According to the latest NDIS data, participants indicating they would like more choice and control has risen from 77% to 87% since July 2016.

With increasing competition, NDIS providers need to be able to provide care that is responsive to the individual client needs and preferences to retain and attract more clients. 

Keep reading to learn more about how you can keep up with changing demands and enable greater choice and control for clients.


Greater transparency

Transparency is a huge focus in empowering participants with the information they’re looking for, especially when it comes to making better-informed decisions about their care.

Luckily there are tools that can help NDIS providers give their clients more choice and control with easier access to information surrounding their care. Lumary CM does this in a couple of ways.

With Lumary‘s Community Portal, providers can assign access to a client and their family to an individual client portal. This portal allows clients to request services, adjust appointment times and view information such as real-time budget balances, invoice history, client statements and more.

Another way is through real-time reporting and dashboards. The intuitive design of Lumary CM means that each user can easily create and manage their reports and dashboards according to their needs.

With all of their data at their fingertips, not only can providers deliver better customer experiences by easily analysing important metrics, but support workers can provide information transparently to participants at the touch of a button.

Cartoon clipboard with sheet of paper with magnifying glass over the top and two tiny people reviewing information


More personalised care

A core part of delivering value-based care is by working directly with clients to create personalised goals and monitor their progress to ensure they are tracking towards achieving them. Without the right software, tracking and measuring outcomes becomes a real challenge in helping clients reach their goals.

Using NDIS software like Lumary CM, providers can create client goals and assign tasks with all case notes, files, photos and related information linked back to a particular goal that is easily accessible. This is particularly useful for monitoring progress relating to specific goals.

Lumary CM also allows support workers to manage service agreements, care plans and budgets, and accurately record notes, assessments and alerts so that they can build personal profiles for each of their clients. Staff will have access to all of this information right from their laptops or mobile devices, which enables the delivery of more personalised care and strengthens the relationship between support worker and client.

On top of this, whether it’s needing to match particular support workers to clients to deliver specialised care, or participants having preferences for certain support workers and what time of day they like to receive their care – this can all complicate the rostering process.

With the right scheduling tools, providers can easily build optimised rosters and allocate staff to visits according to client preferences and needs. As an example, Lumary utilises its own scheduling and rostering tools but also integrates with software like Skedulo and easyemployer so that no matter which system you use, you’re enabling greater choice and control for your clients.


Retain existing clients and attract more

Competition continues to grow, which means that NDIS providers need to continue to look for ways to stand out from the crowd.

It’s clear that one of the ways that providers can attract participants is to provide them with the information and opportunities they need to make more informed decisions about their own care. With the right software, providers can do more with their current resources and deliver greater transparency and more personalised care for their clients.

To learn more about how you can give your clients the choice and control they’re looking for, request a demo of Lumary CM.