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The Importance of Having a Partnership

The idea that two heads are better than one is especially true in business. When two businesses work together they have the chance of achieving more.

A partnership with another organisation can add value when they directly work with you. The time a partner spends getting to know your business, will aid in providing and implementing a solution that is right for your organisation. 

Partnership allow for the sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources, leading to greater innovation. Within the digital heathcare sector, there are organisations that can provide software technology that will improve the efficiency of your business.  

When a cross-platform partnership embraces an inventive product that benefits the global community, it’s truly inspiring. Through the partnership between Cupertino (consumer electronics giant) and Stanford Medicine, Apple’s Watch Series 4 new heart arrhythmia detection software was piloted — Apple Heart Study resulting in the FDA giving its approval for the Apple Watch to be classified as a true medical device. The enhanced features include Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) detection and built-in electrocardiogram (ECG) support of which the benefits for patients have already been proven.

One of the key values of a partnership is that it makes your business better. It lifts up weakness and enhances your strengths resulting in a win-win scenario. In technology, a partnership should bring you ease of mind, because you can focus on your own business while your partner worries about the technology and software side of things. Having a partner who understands and appreciates the healthcare industry, being disability or aged care sectors, can provide you with the right software for your specific needs. With this knowledge, you can stay on point and keep up with technology advancements without steering you away from your focus; providing high quality care. 

“A business partner is an extension of your own business who truly wants the best for you.” 

At Lumary, we develop our healthcare platform to ensure it’s the right solution for your success. For us a partnership is more than just a one-time contract, it is a long term relationship. We will be there for you, whether it be configuring our software to fit your needs or finding a way to provide resources that will aid you in understanding the complexities of funding bodies, such as the NDIS or HCP, a partnership with us means that we work together to solve the ever evolving changes that the industry sector brings. We do this because we are invested in your success. Together we build connections, have meaningful conversations, and co-create effective solutions for best-practice workforce management and care delivery. And at the centre of it all are the people in our community in need of value based care. 

Knowing the value of a partnership for your healthcare organisation, reach out to our team. Lumary is here to support your business in a lasting relationship.