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The First Step to Digital Transformation for Healthcare Organisations

Are you looking to upgrade or change your existing digital systems?

Healthcare organisations can’t afford to wait any longer to jump on the digital transformation train, but changing your digital systems isn’t as easy as installing a new piece of software.

Before you make any changes or even start looking at technology solutions, it’s important to get a clear perspective on the technology you’re using now. Succeeding on a digital level is not about having the latest trendy software platform, it’s about integration – connecting your digital systems together so they work seamlessly to make your life easier. 


Start with where you are

With this in mind, it makes sense to start with the systems you’re currently using and identify where they’re working well together and where there’s room for improvement. There are two main areas to consider.


1. Business processes and management

Start with the way you run your organisation and write down every platform or system you’re using, even the offline ones (and yes, include those random bits of paper your support workers write their case notes on!) 

Once you have your list, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Where are you using technology to support your staff scheduling, finances and HR? 
  • Where are you using non-digital systems in your business processes?
  • Are your digital systems connected or do they require manual input at every stage?

The next stage is to look at the way your organisation provides care and support. 


2. Care delivery and support

When it comes to care delivery and support, your focus should be on providing the highest possible quality of care. To do this effectively you need a single, connected digital solution. Ask yourself the following when it comes to your care delivery and support:

  • How efficiently are you supporting your staff? 
  • Are your claiming, funding and case note management processes automated or are your workers spending more time than they should be on admin tasks?
  • Does the technology you’re using now help or hinder your support workers? Are they getting frustrated moving between multiple systems? 
  • How often do errors get made because someone has wrongly entered something into the system manually? 

The future of digital in healthcare

Once you’ve made the decision to digitally transform your organisation it’s easy to rush in. Take the time upfront to map out your digital systems and identify your needs now to save a great deal of time and money in the future. When you’re ready, look for leading care management software that can help you transition.

Looking to upgrade or change your digital systems? Lumary can help. Request a demo today.