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Lumary webinar: Navigating the audit nightmare

How important is it for disability and aged care providers to have the right technology in place? Our panel discusses the benefits of having care management software that supports you to easily maintain compliance across your organisation so that you are audit-ready at all times.

We all know that feeling when it’s audit time – there’s the mad rush to ensure all your records and documentation are in order.

Watch as our host Stacey Sincock, Disability and Aged Care Specialist at Lumary, brings together industry experts to guide you through how to successfully maintain compliance and align with government-mandated quality and practice standards.


In this webinar you can learn more about:

  • Key compliance challenges that disability and aged care providers face and how you can reevaluate your own processes
  • Common non-compliant areas where providers fall down during the audit process
  • How to use technology to identify compliance gaps in your business, simplify processes and take the stress out of audits

To keep the audit conversation going with the Lumary team feel free to reach out and connect with us anytime via conversations@lumary.com.au.

Interested to learn more about how Lumary’s care management software for disability and home care providers can simplify the auditing process, help you to streamline and automate your business operations, and effortlessly meet compliance requirements? Get in touch with our team and request a demo today.


Meet the Panel

Stacey Sincock (Host) Disability and Aged Care Specialist, Lumary

Stacey Sincock has more than 20 years of experience in the disability and aged care industries. Being a carer was a long time passion of Stacey’s, where she was able to look after different individuals with different needs. Before joining Lumary as a specialist in disability and aged care, Stacey worked with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as a service support officer where she assisted service providers and participants to understand and navigate the different aspects of the scheme. 

Stacey is passionate about the healthcare industry and an advocate for members of the disability and ageing communities. Stacey is a firm believer in making the healthcare industry a better place where roadblocks placed by society are removed and older Australians and people living with disability have a chance to thrive.


Bron Fitzgerald – Chief Customer Officer, Ability WA

Bronwyn (Bron) Fitzgerald is the Chief Customer Officer at leading WA disability services provider, Ability WA. Bron’s role oversees customer input into the organisation and organisational strategy, end-to-end customer experience, research, fundraising and philanthropy, as well as communications and marketing. Bron’s role is focused on ensuring the customer has a “joined up” experience of the services they might access from Ability WA. These broad services may include therapy, accommodation, community access and employment services.

Bron has almost 25 years of experience within the disability care sector, including significant experience in both government and non government health and disability sectors at an Executive level. Bron is passionate and committed to customer inclusion, social impact and fostering collaborative leadership in teams.


Renay Eade – Chief Quality and Governance Officer, Ability WA

Renay has over 20 years’ experience in the disability sector and has held several operational leadership roles. Renay has represented the WA disability sector both nationally and internationally; she currently serves as a Non-Executive Director at Carers WA (the peak body for unpaid carers in WA); she has previously served as the Chairperson of the Social Participation Sub-Committee for NDS WA, and as a member of the National NDS Accommodation and Social Participation Committee.

Renay is passionate about providing safe, collaborative, effective and innovative services. In her current role as Chief Quality and Governance Officer, she is responsible for strategic and operational leadership of clinical governance and quality management. She has significant experience in leading clinical service improvements, performance optimisation, as well as transformational change and business development initiatives.


Daniel Carbone – Lead Solution Architect, Lumary

Daniel Carbone is the Lead Solution Architect within the Delivery Department at Lumary. Before joining Lumary, Daniel has worked extensively within the tech and Financial Services industries for over 10 years. Daniel provides advice to organisations on how to redesign their business workflow configuration utilising technology to enhance operational controls and effectiveness to support day-to-day operations.

Daniel is passionate about designing best practice solutions to create digitally connected healthcare organisations that meet their individual needs and requirements, with a focus on “Who we are” as an organisation. Daniel is a strong believer in bringing together the operational and clinical arms of businesses and streamlining administrative tasks for employees, so they can focus on doing what’s most important – delivering quality care to those who need it the most.