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What the City-Bay means to Lumary

Why is this event so important to us? When Lumary’s CEO, Joseph Mercorella, heard that the City-Bay was looking for a new sponsor to keep it going, he felt a personal connection to get involved. “With everything that’s been going on with Covid, I felt like if this didn’t happen, it would be another thing we have missed out on,’ he said, “I thought we needed it as a state.”

“I’ve volunteered for about 10 years at the City-Bay so I have seen how it brings the community together and the various different groups and charities that are supported through the event,” he continued.

While the event is close to Joseph’s heart, community is at the core of what Lumary does and forms a big part of our philanthropic programme. At Lumary we build technology that is designed to support disability and aged and home care providers across Australia to provide the best care possible to our communities. But we look for ways to support and connect to our extended community beyond our tech as well.

It’s why we wanted to be part of the City-Bay. Not only does it help hundreds of charities and community groups that are supported through important fundraising, but it brings the whole community together. The City-Bay also gives Lumary the opportunity to drive inclusivity in sports. The benefits of keeping fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, are immeasurable and contribute greatly to the whole Australian society.

With Lumary onboard, we are making every effort to ensure the event is inclusive so that these benefits can be felt by all, including the older members of our community and those living with disability. The Lumary City-Bay is about bringing people together and must be accessible, respectful and welcoming to all. So get excited and help us to make this year’s race not only a great one, but an inclusive one.

We can’t wait to see you all there!