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Dreamforce 2022: 3 key takeaways for healthcare providers

Returning live and in person after two pandemic years, Dreamforce 2022 proved to be as engaging and impactful as ever.

With over 150,000 attendees and 30,000 in-person delegates, there were plenty of opportunities to strengthen our ecosystem of partnerships, products and services to bring the power of innovation back to our customers. As a proud partner and sponsor of Dreamforce 2022, read on to discover our key takeaways after blazing through one of the world’s largest tech conferences.


1. The power of tech partnerships 

As the need for innovative technology in the healthcare sector continues to expand, partnering with the right organisations that appreciate our mission to support providers in achieving the best outcomes for their clients is imperative. The importance of forming the right tech partnerships was a key focus area at Dreamforce 2022. As a leading ISV Salesforce.org partner of 2022 in the Asia-Pacific region, Lumary will continue to build on our Salesforce partnership to consistently deliver advanced, scalable and reliable solutions for our customers. 

We strive to support healthcare providers with software that enables them to reduce their administrative burden and increase the rate of client outcomes – working closely with Salesforce on a unified approach to produce intelligent care management software. Tech partners play a critical role in helping us achieve our mission, and our relationship with the Salesforce Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) team continues to grow through the invaluable support they provide to Lumary. 

“The Salesforce HLS roundtable was the highlight for me at Dreamforce 2022. Hearing their recognition of the need to partner with Independent Salesforce Vendors (ISVs) like Lumary was extremely exciting, and the relationships we formed will play a part in the future of Lumary.” Matthew English, CTO & CoFounder, Lumary

At Lumary, we believe we are truly better together. It’s not just a belief but a core value that drives us personally and professionally every day. As a team, we challenge each other to develop our software and create better wellbeing for the communities we support. Having the support of Salesforce makes it even more possible.

“The Lumary story inspired a big part of our ISV strategy at Salesforce. We have talked about bringing in new capabilities and creating new value chains in healthcare, and that can be done. However, very few people think of Salesforce as a platform they can build upon as Lumary has done.” — Brandon Stauber, Senior Principal – ISV Technology Strategy, Salesforce


2. The importance of the right foundation for building innovative healthtech

For the first time, our CEO and CoFounder, Joseph Mercorella, hosted a speaking session at Dreamforce. Joined by Brandon Stauber, the Senior Principal and ISV Technology Strategist at Salesforce, Joseph spoke about the evolution of Lumary and did a deep dive into how we leveraged the Salesforce platform to develop an economical, sustainable and integrated solution for healthcare providers.

At Lumary we strive to develop innovative software to solve complex healthcare provider challenges so they can operate, optimise and differentiate their business. For a healthcare provider to have an effective digital platform requires several vital elements. It must be cloud-first, configurable when necessary, interoperable and fully end-to-end. It must also be scalable to suit business needs and provide a single source of truth for fast, accurate reporting. 

“Lumary is the most innovative healthtech company, and they are built on the most innovative technology company — Salesforce. “ — Brandon Stauber, Senior Principal – ISV Technology Strategy, Salesforce

Lumary is  a leading software partner trusted by over 160 Australian disability and aged care providers. Building innovative software is only possible with a clear understanding of the market challenges and a foundation that provides support, trust and reliability. 

“It’s the simple analogy for building a house on a bad foundation, which I think has been done in the market for a long time. Salesforce provides us with that solid foundation which is so critical in healthcare.” — Joseph Mercorella, CEO & CoFounder, Lumary, Theater Session, Dreamforce 2022


3. Taking a customer-centric approach is vital 

Keeping customers at the centre of product development was a recurring theme at Dreamforce. At Lumary, our approach is to design and develop products with a key focus on our software being customer-centric.

We value our customers’ insights and continue to incorporate our learnings into the expansion of our technology. We also work closely with our in-house specialists and industry advisory boards to understand the complex issues those working in healthcare face daily. Thanks to our industry expert-led design, Lumary is purpose-built to support healthcare providers’ critical business needs with a streamlined approach and user-friendly interface. 

“We wouldn’t be here today without our customers’ support. They have educated us significantly over the last several years and taken us on their digital transformation journey. Truly helping us understand the insights we need to deliver better outcomes for their business practice and clients.” Joseph Mercorella, CEO & CoFounder, Lumary 

Placing customers at the heart of our tech development requires us to think about scalability in a sustainable way so our customers can embark on their digital transformation journey at a pace that suits them. Tech should never confine growth, and a scalable solution with a user-centric design allows providers to control their growth trajectory.

Partnerships, innovation, strategy, productivity, sustainability and connectivity are just some words we used to describe Dreamforce 2022. It was a magical event. We can’t wait to take our learnings and expand them to reach our customers. 

To find out more about Lumary and our end-to-end care management software purpose built for Australian disability and aged care providers, book a demo with the Lumary team today.