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Lumary Giveaway

100 Free Tickets to SA Charities + Not-For-Profit Organisations

In the spirit of unity, inclusivity and community, Lumary - the Naming Rights Sponsor - is excited to announce the giveaway of 100 free tickets to the upcoming Lumary City-Bay Fun Run event on Sunday, 17 September 2023.

Reflecting our deep dedication to fostering togetherness, promoting inclusiveness, and supporting the South Australian community, Lumary believes that the power of a community lies in its ability to embrace diversity! Redefining this year’s race, the Lumary City-Bay takes a wholehearted approach to inclusivity and we’re focused on creating the event where age or abilities are no barriers to participation.

If you’re a local charity or not-for-profit organisation, we invite you to seize this unique opportunity so get ready to Choose Your Race, Set Your Pace and Make It Count…

Connect with the Lumary Crew to get your hands on some free tickets and join in on the Fun Run!

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