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Christmas – a time for spreading LumaCheer

For many children, Christmas is the most magical time of the year. With a challenging year behind us, Lumary wanted to share the joy of Christmas and our LumaCheer with our hard-working customers. And most importantly, create some magic and put a smile on the faces of their deserving clients.

As Australia’s leading care management software for the disability and aged care sectors, we are committed to helping service providers streamline operational efficiency and create an improved employee experience. But most importantly, we truly believe in positively impacting the Australian healthcare sector and creating better wellbeing for the community. 

And what better way of being able to do this than to share the joy of Christmas with our customers! 

This year, we had the pleasure of inviting Anglicare SA and I Can Jump Puddles along with some of the amazing little ones they support to the 2021 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant at the Adelaide Oval.



The National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant marks the official welcoming of Santa, St Nicolas, or more traditionally Father Christmas to South Australia . It’s a magical, free community event—full of fantasy, floats, colourful characters, bands, dancers and more—shared by generations of Australians.

Since 1933, the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant has grown to become one of the State’s most cherished events, and one that the team out of Lumary HQ in Adelaide were very much looking forward to attending this year. What would normally be the Southern Hemisphere’s largest public parade, with State restrictions still in place due to the pandemic, the event was held at Adelaide Oval on the evening of Saturday, 13 November 2021. 

With the numbers restricted and the free ticket sales selling out within the first hour, the only other way for families to attend was to win tickets from a giveaway or promo. 

Many in the disability and ageing community faced another challenging year. The Luminaries that had originally planned to attend decided to share this fun-filled opportunity with those outside of the Lumary family, by giving their tickets to a few children, their family and their carers from two of our SA based customers. It truly means the world to our team to be able to share the joy of Christmas with our customers.



We had so much fun setting up our Lumary suite at the Adelaide Oval to make it a night that would be memorable for the children from Anglicare SA and I Can Jump Puddles. Dominic Musolino, Manager of Client Outcomes at Lumary, had such a great time sharing in the magic with the children, families and carers.

“It was a pleasure to see how grateful and appreciative the children were to have the opportunity to experience the pageant. The joy on their faces told the story of the night,” said Dominic. 

With a delectable spread that sparked the fantasy of every childhood memory, the vibrant floats and talented musicians and vocalists, the Adelaide Oval really raised the Christmas party vibes for all. A special tribute during the evening highlighted our incredible Olympians, including our very own South Australian 2021 Paralympian Isabella Vincent (aka The Superfish). And to end the evening, Adelaide Oval lit up the night’s sky with a marvellous display of fireworks.

The gift of giving is more rewarding when we can create magic for children. We were so humbled to have shared this special opportunity with our customers and their clients. What a great way to start the festive season – let’s keep the Christmas LumaCheer going!



If you’ve exhausted the mushy Christmas movies off every streaming platform and are looking for something joyful to watch with the family before the big day, take a look at the recording of the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant below.

Merry Christmas from the Lumary family ​​💚