Lumary information session: Importance of change management for digital transformation

Although digital transformation can be unsettling, organisations with successful change management strategies are well-positioned to progress in the industry and embrace a new direction. In the constantly changing healthcare environment, providers must continuously update their skillset to align with the sector’s demands. If your approach to change management has a defined beginning and end, you […]

Lumary information session: Building a business case for digital transformation

Creating a solid business case is the first step toward a successful digital transformation. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, it’s crucial for providers to implement the right technology. While digital transformation can seem daunting, it’s essential to create the right environment from the start.  Our host Hamish Matheson, Enterprise Healthcare Consultant at Lumary, […]

Lumary information session: Addressing today’s COVID-19 challenges

How to leverage care management software to reduce disruption to your healthcare business. COVID-19 continues to have profound implications for the healthcare sector. Watch as our host Hamish Matheson, Enterprise Healthcare Consultant at Lumary, brings together industry experts to discuss practical ways to navigate the changing rules and regulations and easily manage your workforce in […]