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Abhishek Chauhan Knows the Value of Hard Work for Better Care Delivery and Support

Born in the Himalayan foothills in a city called Shima in Northern India, Abhishek Chauhan (Abhi) calls himself a ‘hilltown boy’. Growing up on an apple orchard, Abhi learnt very early on the value of patience and hard work.

With many factors influencing the success of the produce season, perseverance and the ability to find solutions in the face of any challenge was crucial. Experiences throughout his youth have been the driving force behind Abhi’s commitment to work and his relationships with the people and community he supports.

With much love and devotion, Abhi was always encouraged by his family to be liberal and progressive with decision making. Abhi’s grandfather was one of his main influencers and a true gentleman to who he looked up to. “He [Grandfather] taught me to always appreciate what you have and the value of putting in the hard yards,” Abhi said. This down-to-earth mentality is a quality that has endured with Abhi to this day.

…always appreciate what you have and the value of putting in the hard yards

Always driving Abhi forward and a huge advocate for the pursuit of education and self-improvement is one of the admirable women in Abhi’s life – his mother. Herself a teacher, she impressed upon Abhi and his brother the importance of education and seeking out opportunities for continual growth. Abhi took that on board, but a far cry from the toil of helping the family with the apple orchard, he always had a passion for IT and software. This led him to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science.


Getting techy

He started out his tech life as a software developer and soon moved into the role of Configuration Manager. Having visited Australia on two occasions for work purposes, upon the second trip he decided he didn’t want to leave, so he stayed. Settling into his new home, Abhi was later joined by another inspiring woman, his wife (tech specialist, mother of their two sons, and amazing cook). With their family back in India, raising their sons alone in Adelaide has presented some challenges but has had so many rewards. Much to Abhi’s dismay, both sons barrack for Australia when up against India in the cricket. 

Fast-forwarding through the years, Abhi’s hard-working attitude earned him positions as Release Manager, Project Manager and finally Program Manager at DXC Technology where he managed large-scale data and portfolios for enterprise clients such as Westpac and Ericsson. Across these different high-level roles, he gained experience solving and providing support for the wide array of issues that come with dealing with global organisations.

However, after servicing Westpac for over 12 years, Abhi felt that something was missing and knew it was time for a new challenge. He said, “If you stay in your comfort zone, it’s easy to be left behind.” Although he may not have realised it at the time, Abhi’s values align with Lumary’s ‘No Limits’ value, which seeks to challenge the status quo to solve problems and deliver value every time. 

If you stay in your comfort zone, it’s easy to be left behind.

Lumary’s commitment to customer success

When client management was brought in-house in late 2019, Lumary co-founders Joseph Mercorella and Matthew English were looking to hire a Customer Success Manager. Having developed a connected digital solution that makes care management for the disability and aged care community easier, the lead of their Customer Success team needed to be focused on giving the same level of care to recipients and participants as well as their own long-term success. 

“As Lumary was growing, we knew we needed someone that was committed for the long term,” Joseph said. “This person needed to be able to quickly find the best outcome for our providers and be transparent in their approach.”

Abhi knew that the role would have its challenges moving into the healthcare sector, but the opportunity to continue in the tech space while joining a company with such rapid growth and a customer-centric approach was exactly what he was looking for. After meeting Joseph and Matthew, he knew it was the role for him.

“They made it clear that honesty and hard work for Lumary’s customers is at the heart of what they aim to achieve. To know that your leadership team has the customer at the core of everything they do is exactly what you want to hear when joining from a client management perspective,” Abhi said.

It didn’t take long for Joseph and Matthew to realise that in Abhi they had the right person.

Abhi leaning against the wall with Lumary banner in the background


Combining his passions

As a Customer Success Manager, Abhi combines his passions for people and IT, supporting disability and aged care organisations to achieve success through the use of Lumary’s connected digital solution. He describes his role as acting as a conduit between tech developers and the customer to eliminate as many steps as possible to make care management a simpler and smoother process.

During his time at Lumary, Abhi has become known around the office and with his customers for his incredible work ethic and geniality. He lives and breathes the motto his grandfather impressed on him as a child: “you have to put in the hard yards”. But in a customer success role, it’s not just this alone. As a person to whom family means everything, he brings that same sense of family to the team and to Lumary’s customers. 

“We look to create real relationships with our customers and build strategic partnerships that strengthen for 2, 5, 10 years and more. We connect with the deep belief that what we’re doing is making the world a better place and we share this with our customers as we seek to contribute positively to our community. It’s extremely rewarding work,” he said with his characteristic smile.

We look to create real relationships with our customers

Deciding on a new technology partner for any provider can be challenging. Knowing that you have a tech partner that you can rely on for post-implementation support is essential. Abhi makes it his mission to make life as easy as possible for providers. Abhi finishes with: “You’ll have good days and you’ll have bad days, but if you can go home and say I put in 100%, then you can be satisfied”. Here at Lumary, we’re certain that Abhi goes home every day satisfied that he has put in 100%.

That’s the Lumary way – empowering health and wellbeing organisations to provide better care for their communities by creating innovative digital solutions and offering support and consultation that enriches the lives of those needing care.