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5 Ways To Boost Productivity For Your Allied Health Practice

For any allied health business, success relies on making the most of every resource. The key to unlocking this potential? END-TO-END software that harnesses those resources and helps power-up productivity and efficiency with minimal effort.

Today’s allied health providers face pressing challenges—from finding quality staff in a tight talent market to onerous admin tasks that take time away from client care. Seemingly small labour wastage, time and expenditure can become significant costs in the long term.

Digital technology, such as Lumary’s purpose-built software for allied health providers, helps businesses improve their workflows so they can make the most of the resources they have. More than just a simple practice management system, Lumary AH optimises processes across the entire client journey, so businesses can truly transform for the better.

Here are five ways Lumary’s end-to-end allied health software helps providers boost their productivity and efficiency.


1. Start operating from a single source of truth

Each day, practitioners must analyse a wealth of information across the client’s entire care journey. Data often comes from multiple sources, making it difficult to quickly make informed decisions about their care. Lumary AH gives businesses a single source of truth, with all relevant client information accessible from any location, at any time. Having a single reliable source prevents errors that slow down workflows, such as double data entry or mismatched identification. And it saves time spent searching for data in various locations, so staff can be more productive without back-office headaches.


2. Change your approach to resource management

Staff members are one of the most valuable resources to any allied health business. Lumary AH helps employers make the most of their staff by easily monitoring availability and providing waitlist management, matching clients with the right practitioners, ensuring scheduling is in line with demand, and staying on top of each worker’s skills and credentials. Managing your workforce well not only improves productivity; it also reduces factors that contribute to stress and detracts from job satisfaction and staff wellbeing.

3. Streamline your onboarding process

Having an efficient process for processing referrals and onboarding new clients is key to improving retention and increasing profitability. A digital solution saves time by streamlining the entire process, which cuts out time-consuming manual tasks and the risk of error. Clients have a more positive experience of their service, including reduced wait times for therapy. On the flip side, providers improve the conversion process from referral or inquiry to client, which delivers better outcomes for the business.

4. Improve service provision for clients

To provide quality care for clients, providers must have easy and timely access to data they can trust. With an intuitive therapist dashboard, Lumary AH gives therapists a 360-degree view of their client in real time. They can manage client goals, intuitively record comprehensive notes no matter where they are, and easily evaluate outcomes. By supporting the client journey through digital technology, providers can be more productive, and ultimately deliver better quality care for clients.

5. Don’t forget about your billing process

When improving the productivity of your business, it’s important not to neglect the final stage of the transaction. Manually invoicing clients takes a significant amount of time and staff labour, especially as a practice continues to grow. Digitising invoicing and payment with a purpose-built solution like Lumary AH streamlines the entire billing and NDIS claims process. It also automates repetitive tasks, which can reduce claim errors, prevent revenue leakage, and increase cash flow.

By running the entire business from one digital system, allied health providers can substantially increase their productivity. This ensures valuable resources are never wasted, but instead deployed in the most effective way to deliver quality care.

Lumary has been trusted by over 160 healthcare customers as a digital software provider since 2012. Learn more about Lumary’s allied health software and book your free consultation with the Lumary team today!